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Stefano Pesapane – ‘Quando Non Ci Sei’

  • 2 min read

A genre-bending composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Latina, Italy, Stefano Pesapane has become a unique and wonderfully engaging fixture of the modern music scene. With a sound that journeys through smooth jazz, vibrant EDM, and downtempo grooves, Stefano’s music is a world unto itself.

Currently signed to Bentley Records, Stefano has released a string of impressive singles such as ‘Neon Bends’, ‘Powered by the Sun’, ‘Urban Flow’, and most recently, ‘Quando Non Ci Sei’, a sublime new release about missing a very special person with the hope to meet up soon.

More than just your typical new release, Stefano’s new single is filled with smooth synths that flow alongside rhythmic beats and touching, honest moments that flair throughout the track. In true form, Stefano delivers a truly beautiful song, one that is wrapped around a truly infectious melody, cool driving beats, sweeping electronics, and luscious tones that blend seamlessly to create a joyous, laid-back atmosphere. 

Born in Latina, Italy in 1962, Stefano began playing the drums at the young age of eight, before moving on to playing around in venues, clubs and bars, at just sixteen. After he finished his studies at St. Louis in Rome and the Berklee College of Music, Stefano full immersed himself in music, earning his stripes with bands like the Nightworkers, the Rocky Roberts orchestra and, later, he was a session man for musicians such as Sonny Costanzo, Tony Scott, and many others.

Since 1999, Stefano has lived in the Netherlands, where he continues to play the drums with various local bands and, at the same time, produces his own unreleased EDM and jazz-inspired songs. More recently, he released his first self-produced indie album, ‘Miles Away’, which took him directly to the top of the Reverbnation indie chart.

You can stream Stefano’s new single above via Spotify, or on our annual Spotify playlist, where it's playing alongside a string of other impressive singles from some of this year’s best artists. For more from Stefano, make sure you also follow him on his social media pages below.

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