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Nathn Priest – ‘Stranger’

  • 2 min read

A talented trap and RnB recording artist from Sandusky, Ohio, Nathn Priest is one of those rare, enigmatic forces that arrives suddenly and is somehow able to capture the hearts and minds of a generation. From his bios and social media pages, all we’ve been able to glimpse is that he’s busy ‘chasing reality’, but like all great mysteries, it just helps build the allure. For Nathn, that allure has worked wonders, leading us to discover his recently released new record, the aptly titled ‘Stranger’.

An engaging seven-track releases that follows on from 2019’s ‘Sex and Spaghetti’, the new record conjures up instant RnB vibes, rallying around a lavish cinematic sound that builds in the sultry opening cut. A layered and wonderfully enticing piece, the record draws you in with smooth sounds, tuned vocals, and quick-stepping beats that will stick with you for days at a time.

In ‘Lie to Me’ and ‘Somebody Else’, Nathn shows that he’s perfected his calling, melodic sound, balancing the mood between fierce rapped verse and downtempo beats that paint a stunning picture. The focus shifts and fades between verse and Nathn slips seamlessly between new-wave hip-hop and electronic-infused RnB, pushing boundaries and crafting unmistakable melodies that put him right at the forefront of the alt-RnB scene.

As the record comes to a close, the final tracks of ‘Ride 4 Me’ and ‘Baddest’ prove Nathn’s talents beyond any shadows of a doubt, channelling his unique blend of dreamy production, nuanced rhythms and emotive vocals into a cosmic whirlwind of sensual sounds. You can stream the full record below via Spotify, along with lead single ‘Baddest’ on our annual Spotify playlist.

Far more progressive, evocative, and engaging than any of the mainstream RnB releases that fill the charts today, ‘Stranger’ is crafted to absolute perfection, proving that while Nathn’s story might not be known, his sound, skills, and artistry definitely are.

You can stream ‘Stranger’ now on all platforms and be sure to follow him on his social media pages below, so you never miss a beat.

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