St. Laviathan – ‘I Should Have Kissed You’

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Any fan of contemporary hip-hop will undoubtedly be familiar with rising star St. Laviathan. A visceral and seemingly unstoppable creative force, St. Laviathan first appeared on the circuit with the release of two massive singles, the boisterous debut cut ‘Saint Is The Victor’, and his hard cast sophomore release, ‘Laviamata’. Together, they created an undeniable image of St. Laviathan as an artist, constructing a distinctive aural assault of quickfire verse, lo-fi vibes, and dark, hip-hop anthemics.

As 2021 arrived, St. Laviathan continued to impress with the release of three sharp and deeply personal new singles; three tracks that completely shook any preconceived notions that we might have had about him. The first of the singles was ‘The Sum of All Fears, an engaging and Introspective piece where St. Laviathan vented about his internal struggles while following numbers ‘Venus’ and ‘Starlight in Harlem’ arrived as touching open letters to lost loves and chances not taken.

Now, St. Laviathan has continued to show his more vulnerable side with another revolutionary track, the brilliant ‘I Should Have Kissed You’. Produced by the duo of Road 129 and Gody1999, the new single continues to chip away at St. Laviathan’s tough image, cutting open his heart and outlining unspoken feelings and moments now lost in time. In the first verse, St. Laviathan pens an open letter to a friend who he held deep feelings for, while in the second he speaks of an old fling from several years ago, two intense relationships whose memories have stayed with him to this day.

When speaking of the new single, St. Laviathan explained, “Throughout my life as a notorious over-thinker and criminally shy introvert, a lot of relationships I had with women would falter as a result. Often times, I would completely miss hints. I could always write how I feel better than I could express out loud. The song is about not being afraid to live in the moment because you may never have that moment return.”

He continued; “I wanted to build on songs from my catalogue like 'Starlight in Harlem' […] I wanted to continue to display that rap is still an art form to me and I take a lot of care and time in crafting the lyrics. I want to show people that I am not a one-dimensional artist.”

Serving as the second official single to be taken from St. Laviathan’s highly anticipated ‘Saint Is the Victor’ EP, which is expected to drop in the following months, 'I Should Have Kissed You' is a rare form of rap that rises above the mainstream and presents its listeners with something real, honest, and undeniable.

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