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NEAV - 'Elegy'

  • 2 min read

Central Coast artist NEAV (aka Niamh Watson) releases her 6-track debut EP ‘Elegy’. On the EP, NEAV collaborated with a talented group of musicians and producers to bring her musical vision to life. She worked with Mario Späte, Jess Dess, Rod McCormack, David Turley, and Tristan Barton.

Speaking about the EP, NEAV explained, “'Elegy' has been in the works since the beginning of 2020. Silence Song was the breakthrough track for me as it was the moment when I discovered who "NEAV" was sonically. I had written and released songs in the past but this one felt different. Little did I know it would act as the catalyst for my debut EP.”

Inspired by fellow Australian artists such as Vera Blue and G-Flip, NEAV uses her voice as a true instrument whilst showcasing her innate ability to produce songs that are instantly memorable. When writing her debut EP, NEAV took cues from one of her idols St Vincent.

She continued, “One thing that stood out to me that I will always take into account when I am writing my own music is the importance of tension and release as a listener. This rule that she (St Vincent) sticks to really resonates with me because I think that the element of surprise and enjoyment in music is what makes a good piece of music.”

NEAV’s sophisticated approach to songwriting, and her rhythmic phrasing when singing illustrates her powerful intelligence that belies her youthful experiences. She writes from a place of heartfelt ideas with honesty and vulnerability. NEAV admits that she was extremely shy and didn't say much throughout primary school, and no one knew she could sing or play guitar. She managed to hide that up until the very last day of primary school when she performed in the school talent show and ended up winning.

NEAV’s six-track debut EP was recorded and mastered at The Nest in Surry Hills with Tristan Barton (Greta Stanley). It features previously released singles: ‘Talking To The Devil’, ‘Built The Same’, ‘Silence Song’ and the current single ‘Say Goodbye’, plus two new songs.

NEAV further added, “Working before, during and after lockdown periods with a group of super talented songwriters, producers and sound engineers has been a hectic yet beautiful experience. The rest of the EP came together afterwards, with each song that was created I challenged myself to be more vulnerable and push the boundaries of who NEAV is as an artist. We spent a long time deciding what songs made it onto the EP and made sure that they all fit the concept we went with regarding the title. Because of this, the finished project is something that I can truly say I am proud of and can't wait for it to be out in the world.”

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