Second Choice – ‘Never Enough’

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A project that was first formed three decades ago, Second Choice is the emotive moniker for Fredrik Lindström unique musical outlet. A passion project that was reignited in 2019 with the release of ‘Nothing In Life Is Free’, Second Choice has become a fully-formed and wonderfully collaborative project, channelling all of Fredrik’s creative whims into one undeniable sound.

When we last caught up with Second Choice, Fredrik has just teamed up with the talented Turkish singer Berzan Önen, to deliver the titanic ‘Fade Away’, a single that swam through ruminating guitar chords and a deliberate ‘funeral feel’. Today though, we’re happy to welcome Second Choice and Berzan back into the spotlight, as they return with their latest joint venture, the modern, gothic rock anthem of ‘Never Enough’.

A song that Fredrick explained was “about greed and how power corrupts,” the new cut sees the two artists hitting a far heavier sound, rising from a brief clatter of cymbals to deliver an inescapable wave of electric guitar and dark percussion. At its core, the track is incredibly dynamic, building off Fredrik’s guitar work and incorporating elements from more pronounced goth and hard rock genres, while Berzan’s vocals bring some true metal energy that we simply can’t get enough of.

A brilliant and surprising shift from the more melancholic sounds of the last single, ‘Never Enough’ sees Fredrik carving out an unforgettable path, creating music on his terms and revelling in every second of it. Available now, it’s a track that absolutely demands to be heard.

Along with the single’s official release on Spotify, it’s streaming as part of our freshly updated annual Spotify playlist for 2022,where you can hear it playing loudly alongside a string of other impressive independent anthems from the year so far.

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