Nick Marzock – ‘Disengage’

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After roaring into the spotlight several weeks ago with the release of his landmark single ‘I Kinda Hate LA’, Nick Marzock has become one of the most talked-about artists on our pages, and for a very good reason. A talented singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Nick has a penchant for bringing soulful grooves and thoughtful lyrics back to indie rock, and if his latest single didn’t already prove that beyond any shadow of a doubt, then his latest certainly will.

A heartfelt and emotive follow-up to ‘I Kinda Hate LA’, the new single arrives as the title track to his upcoming album, the instantly recognisable ‘Disengage’. Showcasing his full range of musical talents, the new cut is perfectly cast, offering stark realism and a unique sense of character that fills his indie-pop sound with heart.

Speaking openly about the new single in a press release, Nick explained, “I was engaged to my fiancé who decided to end our relationship prematurely. We were fighting constantly, so the only option we had was to 'disengage' both metaphorically and literally, leading to the inspiration for this synth-driven and powerful song about the end of a relationship."

As an artist, Nick has performed and recorded alongside some of the hottest acts and iconic figures in music, Nick is driven by his love and dedication to every aspect of the music, whether on stage or in the studio. Arguably, it’s this passion that makes him stand out so brilliantly, combining his passion for rock with the spirit of soul in his timeless, evocative sound.

A stunning second glimpse of what we can expect when Nick’s album drops on November 12th this year, ‘Disengage’ is a brilliant introduction to one of the city’s most promising new talents. Tune in today on all major platforms, and make sure you follow Nick on his social media pages below so you can catch all the latest singles.

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