Nick Marzock – ‘Retrograde (Don’t Give Up)’

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A talented singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who has been called “the ultimate musical multi-hyphenate”, Nick Marzock is here to bring soulful grooves and thoughtful lyrics back to indie rock. Inspired by an eclectic array of genres including blues, alternative, soul, and pop, Nick has spent the last few months delivering a string of impressive tracks like ‘I Kinda Hate LA’, ‘Disengage’, and ‘Still Be Missing You’, but today, he’s raised the bar brilliantly with the hit new single ‘Retrograde (Don’t Give Up)’.

A triumphant new single that was written and performed solely by Nick, ‘Retrograde (Don’t Give Up)’ is a powerful progression of his sound, capitalising on his expressive blend of alt-rock sounds and touching human moments.

Taking from his breakthrough solo album, the new cut is everything we’ve come to love about Nick’s sound and more, creating a bold and relatable sound filled with thoughts, experiences, and melodic ideas that speak openly to us all. As with all Nick’s pieces, the new cut has a great dynamic range, and it fits perfectly into his evolving style that drifts between fun and driving alt-rock hits to emotionally gutting piano performance pieces while maintaining his distinct soulful sound.

An artist who has performed and recorded alongside some of the hottest acts and iconic figures in music, Nick is driven by his love and dedication to every aspect of the music, whether on stage or in the studio. Arguably, it’s this passion that makes him stand out so brilliantly, combining his passion for rock with the spirit of soul in his timeless, evocative sound.

Wearing almost all of the hats from conception to the finalized tracks, Marzock wrote, produced, and was the sole instrumentalist for the majority of the album, highlighting his incredible talent and deep, meaningful vision as an artist: “This project is the culmination of all my training and expertise in music, coupled with a tumultuous situation that has yielded an album that I am very proud to release to the world.”

Nick’s debut album, ‘Disengage’ is available now on all major platforms.

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