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Nobo – ‘True (Marvin’s Song)’

  • 2 min read

A wonderfully talented artist who has been constantly driven by his twin passions of psychology, spirituality, and music, Nobo is a firm believer that no one belongs in a box. Empowered by his belief that everyone has their own unique talents, Nobo has spent years refining his own musical abilities, channelling his heart, mind, and soul into his wild creative journey.

After years of hard work and transformation, Nobo shared his triumphant three-track EP, ‘The Best Way to Be Free’, delivering an enchanting project that has been a dream come true. A highly spiritual soul, Nobo channelled his own experiences and awakenings into the release, creating a raw and wonderfully authentic piece of modern sound. Musically, it’s a release that is universal and wonderfully relevant, capturing a timeless sound that is bolstered beautifully by heartfelt songwriting and a deep, almost intimate connection that is built on Nobo’s feelings, inspirations, and aspirations.

One of the most enchanting songs on the EP, ‘True (Marvin’s Song)’ is a brilliant closing piece, one that perfectly layers soft acoustic sounds, seamless chord progressions and rich harmonies. With dual vocals singing in emotive harmony, Nobo creates a triumphant sound that reaches to the sky and promotes a true sense of self-realisation and inclusivity.

Speaking about the song on his website, Nobo explained, “The song is dedicated to Marvin A. Smith. This man swiftly managed to lure me out of my corner and become even more myself, without even realizing the effect he was having on me. The core message is that we cannot find ourselves by either striving to be special or by defining ourselves as a member of a group. It is a matter of stepping out of all preconceived notions, external expectations and most importantly, listening exclusively to the messages of our heart.”

Surrounded by a host of exceptionally talented musicians who have helped bring Nobo’s creative vision to life, ‘The Best Way to Be Free’ is a wonderfully engaging release for any fan of spiritual pop releases. Delivered with incredible precision and passion, the songs are brought to life with Nobo’s soaring vocals and expansive musical arrangement, with every moment elevated perfectly by the personal and expressive underpinning.

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