Nostalgia and neon dreams thrive in Big Bus Dream’s new album 'Hello'

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Big Bus Dream might not be a name you recognise instantly, and yet, their debut album feels undeniably familiar. Titled ‘Hello’, and the second half of ‘C’mon Dream’ collection, the new album takes listeners through a unique landscape that blends hypnotic pop melodies with textured, incandescent beats.

A musical time capsule that takes lead from ‘90s pop and indie rock anthemics, ‘Hello’ delivers twelve vibrant and diverse songs that explore immersive tones and smooth, hypnotic sounds. From the opening notes of the title track, right through the closing acoustic textures and crashing waves of ‘The Other Side’, the album delivers an immersive experience caught between evolved soundscapes and dreamy, reflective moments.

Forging unique, but effortlessly ensnaring songs, ‘Hello’ shines through spacious yet intricate compositions, crafting sounds that evolve and surprise time and time again. Highlights abound in songs like ‘Crazy’ and ‘You’re Always On Mind’, combining rustic charms with pop sensibilities, while elsewhere, ‘Strained Strange World’ hints at the project’s post-punk roots, and ‘Everybody’ catches you off guard with some stellar funk vibes.

Big Bus Dream's creative journey began in late 2022, leading to an outpouring of twenty-five unique songs in just eight months. This prolific output speaks to the artist’s dedication and seemingly limitless creativity, as the new album shows.

With ‘Hello’, Big Bus Dreams delivers a satisfying second instalment to his ‘dream series’, showcasing a will to experiment and an ability to infuse introspective moments with experience acoustic melodies. On the new album, Big Bus Dream transforms the ethereal nature of dreams into music that reverberates with listeners perfectly, creating a rewarding journey for those willing to take it.

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