O3M - ‘Sgr A*’

An innovative artist on a mission to seize and articulate the unfiltered vitality and ambiance of the present moment, O3M’s exists at the cutting-edge of music creation. A visionary who is exploring new musical territories, O3M has recently shared his debut single, simply titled ‘Sgr A*’.

Utilising a highly customised Ableton Max for Live rig with modified analog/modular gear, O3M creates and modulates on-the-fly synth sequences and drum machine patterns, not by programming these machines or with MIDI files, but with an acoustic guitar. The guitar itself is also processed through the synth's analog filters and envelopes, and then all of these elements are live-looped, layered, twisted, chopped, and hyper-modulated in real-time to craft the artist's distinctive sonic textures, syncopated rhythms, and techno-infused grooves.

Spanning five years of meticulous development, O3M’s revolutionary production technique crafts tracks in a single seamless take, mere moments after hitting 'record.' With a few swift edits, mixing, and mastering, the song is complete. This method echoes an era when music was captured live in the studio, much like the pre-1980s and especially pre-1950s, where musicians let their instruments speak for them.

Named after the supermassive black hole at the Galactic Center of the Milky Way, O3M’s debut single is an undeniable sonic experience, delivering a refreshing blend of modern sounds that breach and collide over a shifting melodic backdrop. Built from expansive beats, calculated rhythms, looped notes, and curated, cosmic melodies, it’s a track that constantly shifts and evolves, balancing scintillating industrial tones with invigorating, kaleidoscopic sounds.

Released alongside second cut ‘Fermi Bubbles’, ‘Sgr A*’ is a unique and wonderfully expressive introduction to the enigmatic musicians, creating a powerful first impression that sets him apart in the music world. You can stream both songs above via Spotify.

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