jiiP - ‘My Life’

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A classically trained musician making his mark on the alt-rap scene, jiiP has recently collaborated with musical prodigy Syfer to deliver an unforgettable new single. Titled ‘My Life’, the new cut is an unmistakable release that showcases the diverse and undeniable talents of both enigmatic artists.

Based in the creative heart of Hell, or London, depending on which source you cite, jiiP is a standout artist who lets their music do the talking. After first gaining traction with the release of debut single ‘Type Tragic’ in 2021, Since then, jiiP has continued to deliver an impressive and diverse string of singles, constantly evolving, innovating, and exploring new musical territories. Following a successful collaboration with MKHL in 2021, jiiP’s new single sees the artist once again venturing into new creative space.

Arriving on a wave of haunting synth tones that are assembled into a dark, atmospheric, melody, jiiP wastes no time in setting the tone of the song, capitalising on a classic emo-rap sound that is balanced perfectly by Syfer’s production. The vocals are smooth and strong, delivering an instantly enjoyable refrain that speaks to overcoming negativity and claiming your moment. Shifting between verses, both artists make their presence known, breaking through the tempered beats and intoxicating instrumentals with a clean, emotive, sound.

Available now on both Soundcloud and Spotify, the track is an instant call back to the heavy days of Lil Peep and Juice WRLD, delivering a standout sound that both artists can be proud of. Check out the single in full below.

With over 8,000 streams on Soundcloud since its release just three days ago, ‘My Life’ is set to be both jiiP and Syfer’s biggest single to date, putting them well in the spotlight and making them both artists to watch. For more, you can follow jiiP on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Instagram below. You can also find Syfer on Instagram where he regularly posts about new collaborations and releases.

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