Ocean & Wavz – ‘Hi High, Long Time No See!’

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A vibrant EDM project that crosses boundaries and explores new techno territories, Ocean & Wavz have been carving out their own innovative sound for the past few years, developing a unique perspective that is simply unforgettable. While the duo of Larys Frogier and Jules Chua, who go by their monikers of Ocean and Waves respectively, might be from very different walks of life, they’ve united through music, overcoming their differences through a shared passion.

Together, the duo’s music is wonderfully diverse and built from flashes of inspiration, encapsulating a wild, free sound that is as innovative as it is exciting. Exploring different genres and influences, everything that Ocean & Wavz create is bold, invigorating, and infused with a fresh, modern energy that promises to take the deep house scene into some bold new spaces.

With a long line of impressive singles to their name, and a growing audience of over 6,500 listeners on Spotify alone, Ocean & Wavz have become an international act in every sense of the world. Recently, we featured the band’s breakthrough tribal single ‘Lost Freedom’, a rampant techno release that completely blew away all expectations, and now, we’re shining alight on one of Ocean & Wavz’s most accomplished pieces, the downtempo epic of ‘Hi High, Long Time No See!’.

Speaking openly about the release, the band explained, “Crossing borders are no longer a norm. Longing for human touch is a luxury. A simple embrace of body warmth, a kiss with people you love seems almost impossible these days. Depending on technology in exchange for the visuals of love only satisfies the eye, but never the heart. One can only use the phrase 'Hi High, Long Time No See!' over monitor screens. We added a tint of misery at the opening of the track to symbolize the despair.”

As well as their blossoming music careers, Ocean & Wavz also play an active role in the contemporary arts community. With their newly established company Wavz Pte Ltd, they have already curated a few events, namely in Shanghai and Hong Kong, partnering with renowned institutions such as Parasite, Hong Kong, and the Shanghai Rockbund Arts Museum.

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