Olen - 'So Codependent'

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Los Angeles indie-pop artist Olen has just shared his new EP 'So Codependent', which finds him coming into his own, both as a human and as an artist. Available now on all major streaming platforms, the six-track EP reminds us that self-discovery is ongoing and ever-present, rather than an end in itself.

Released today, 'So Codependent' features a string of impressive singles, including focus track, 'Sister of the Bride', which chronicles one of Olen's "many shoulda, woulda, coulda’s when it comes to romance," and is about his crush on the maid of honor at his best friend's wedding.

Alongside the feature track, Olen also delivers expressive performances on the EP's title track, which originally started out as a joke between Olen and co-writer, Tom Peyton, but quickly become one of his favorite tracks off of the EP. Speaking about the song, Olen explained, "We were writing in Ryan Spraker’s studio when I started playing the ‘So Codependent’ chord progression and rhythm on my acoustic,” says Olen. “Tom started singing the beginning of what became the verse melody, and we burst out laughing because we thought it would be hilarious if we tried to write something that could’ve been a Third Eye Blind song. It started as a joke but is now one of my favorite songs on the new EP. It’s the title track and well, about being so, so codependent.”

Elsewhere, Olen delves into feelings of moments lost with 'Power Socket', a standout song that serves as a captivating microcosm of Olen’s artistic evolution and personal growth. At the heart of the track lies a relatable narrative that has haunted many of us at some point in our lives, the experience of having a secret crush but refraining from expressing our feelings to avoid potential awkwardness.

Olen has always been "kind of a late bloomer," and nearly a decade into his music career, he's ready for his big debut. Making pop music with a personal twist, Olen's songs run the gamut between boisterous and reflective. The singer/songwriter from Orange County, CA has a penchant for spilling his heart out over bright, buoyant melodies.

Whether he's soaring high on a radiant anthem or dwelling in a tender ballad, at the core of his art is a person just trying to make sense of his world. With Olen, the artist reminds us that self-discovery is ongoing and ever-present, rather than an end in itself. Without a doubt, Olen's debut EP is the work of a late bloomer coming into full bloom.

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