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OXB – ‘Flow’

  • 2 min read

One of the hottest musical duos in recent years, OXB are back with another polished piece of music from the 9th Dimension. Channelling their vibrant hybrid sound into a fierce new cut, they’ve capitalised on the momentum first gained through breakthrough single ‘Effortless’, pushing boundaries and rising to the fore with the brilliant ‘Flow’.

Formed from DJ and producer O Z and rapper BAKES, OXB have become inimitable champions of San Diego, California, delivering a bold and innovative sound that combines hard-hitting electronic beats with hip-hop lyrical prowess. After dropping their highly anticipated debut single earlier this year, OXB delivered a tight blend of hip-hop sounds and sharp lyricism with electronic and tech house production that was utterly captivating, and now, with the release of ‘Flow’, they’re taking things to a whole new level.

While the previous single ‘Effortless’ was built from a series of tremendous beats and electronically infused melodies that were balanced perfectly by both O Z and BAKES, ‘Flow’ is a rampant tech house epic that hits hard and then keeps on hitting. With O Z at the helm, the track fires on all cylinders, breaking through your speakers with a calculated series of beats that take you back into the heart of the EDM scene. As the track builds, BAKES makes himself heard, delivering a sharp vocal refrain of “I don’t do it for attention though, I just do it ‘cause I’m meant to flow”, while all around you the song bursts into life.

A brilliant combination of their talents, ‘Effortless’ transcends boundaries and fuels the fire, blending O Z’s EDM and house sound with BAKES’ nostalgic old-school rap vibes and futuristic hip-hop overtones. You can check out the new track below via Spotify.

Available now alongside the duo’s debut single, ‘Flow’ has become a central part of our annual Spotify playlist, championing a brilliant and wonderfully exciting sound that will have you enraptured. For more from the OXB, make sure you check out their social media pages below.

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