Pace - ‘GRIT’

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A rising rapper from Newton, Massachusetts, but currently residing and making music in Oceanside, California, Pace has spent the last few years carving out his own inspirational journey. Creating an authentic rap sound that doesn’t shy away from life’s most difficult subjects, Pace’s music is an outlet where he can speak freely, inspire, and motivate his listeners to achieve their own personal goals.

After struggling heavily with his mental health and undiagnosed bi-polar depression when he was younger, Pace endured depression, denial, and daily battles for years, only finding solace at the age of twenty-eight when he found religion. In 2020, at the age of thirty, Pace continued to overcome obstacles, graduating from Boston University with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Speaking candidly about that time of his life, Pace shared, “ I finally came to terms with my bi-polar and got the right medication. For the first time in my adult life I felt stable. After a lot of soul searching I concluded my purpose is to make music. Now I’m going after my dream!”

After launching his career in 2022 with the release of debut single ‘Hype Man’, Pace has continued to impress fans and critics alike, building a loyal fanbase and a wonderfully original discography. His latest release, ‘GRIT’ continues Pace’s signature sound, blending passionate messages and personal moments with shifting instrumentals, pumping beats, and classic hip-hop vibes.

Speaking openly about the single, Pace shared with us, “The backstory for ‘GRIT’ is when life knocks you down, find the determination and will power to fight and make a comeback. I had the grit to quit smoking weed after fourteen years at twenty-eight to taking edibles once a day for the last five years to get my lungs back so I could rap for longer and go after my dream. I was an elite athlete in high school and I had the grit to get back in shape starting at twenty-eight after six years of sitting on my butt being depressed. I’m bi-polar and denied it for five years from 25-30 and I had the grit to try meds at thirty and by age thirty-two after trying different medications I found the one where I feel stable.”

“Also I got a four year bachelor degree in twelve years from BU after going in and out of college because of my untreated bi-polar. Lastly I had the grit to start rapping at 30 despite the odds and got my tongue tie clipped so and had to do exercises so my tongue could move freely to rap more clearly. It’s a pump up song. Great to workout to.”

Released in collaboration with international talent GAWNE, the new single is a perfect introduction to Pace for those not yet acquainted with his sound. A perfect pump up song, and a powerful message to keep on fighting for your dreams, ‘GRIT’ is available now on all major platforms.

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