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Pink Floyd's The Wall - The Orchestral Experience

  • 2 min read

As far as bands go, Pink Floyd are arguably one of the most influential of all time. With a legacy spanning almost six decades, and countless bands and artists citing them as inspirations, the rock titans have earned their legendary status. One of the many brilliant projects inspired by the band, ‘Pink Floyd's The Wall - The Orchestral Experience’ has quickly become one of our latest obsessions.

A unique musical project that aims to deliver a complete, non-vocal orchestration of Pink Floyd’s seminal album, ‘Pink Floyd's The Wall - The Orchestral Experience’ is a gorgeous tapestry of sounds that pays homage to the original record. While we’ve already seen the classic album turned into a musical drama film by Alan Parker, the new project is an entirely new experience, shifting the album into a new realm of orchestral possibilities.

Described as “engraved and prepared for live performance” by creator and composer Drake Wheeler, the project is a faithful transformation of the twenty-six track epic, transforming the surreal and expressive story of Pink into a lavish orchestral performance. A monumental undertaking, the experience is an undeniable gem, sitting quietly on Soundcloud and patiently waiting to be uncovered.

Holding firm to the original intent and messages of overcoming the metaphorical walls we build around ourselves, Drake’s orchestral experience is filled to the brim with sweeping instrumental passages and powerful crescendos, re-shaping classical sounds into the shape of a triumphant and introspective rock opera. From the solitary strings that introduce the opening track, to the instantly recognisable sounds of ‘Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2’, ‘Comfortably Numb’, and ‘Run Like Hell’, Drake’s ode to the album is as enchanting and impressive as the original.

While there have been no shortage of  previous orchestral productions of Pink Floyd’s work, Drake’s version strips away the vocals, letting the music breathe and take hold. It’s a brave choice, and it works perfectly, creating an enchanting atmosphere that is balanced beautifully by the power of the performance. Available now on Soundcloud, where Drake has delivered twenty faithful renditions, the project shines a new light on ‘The Wall’, delivering a string of exquisite compositions that shake with the charm and majesty of a full orchestra. You can stream the full production below now.

For Drake, the experience is a true passion project, as he explained, “I grew up on Pink Floyd, so decided to take on this daunting task. Many other orchestral performances of this album I feel personally relies too heavily on vocal elements and pop instrumentation. I wanted to transcribe and convert all electronic elements as much as I could into acoustic sounds.”

A transcendent musical experience that deserves all the praise and attention it can get, ‘Pink Floyd's The Wall - The Orchestral Experience’ is an unmissable production for any fan of the legendary rock band.

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