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Mateus Machina - ‘Fallin’'

  • 2 min read

Born in Seattle, Mateus Machina has always had an undeniable passion for music. No matter what life threw at him, he was always able to find time to write and record new material, diving between genres and traversing new, experiential territories. After delivering his debut single ‘Lost’ last year, Mateus has continued to branch out within his music, progressing through a diverse spectrum of electronic sounds.

At nineteen years old, Mateus left home to complete Army Basic Combat Training and join the Washington Army National Guard, after which, he went to Washington State University in Pullman, WA to earn a bachelor's degree. Despite the busy lifestyle, Mateus continued to create, and during his college years, he got into producing after discovering FL Studio. Just a couple of years later, he bought a deejay controller and began playing at house parties, further defining his sound and laying the foundation for things to come.

His latest single, ‘Fallin’’ is a stark melodic tracking that builds from experiments in volume automation, combining golden age sounds with more contemporary and innovative techniques. Lifting from an orchestra introduction that makes way for tempered synth tones and a progressive melodic sound, ‘Fallin’’ holds to a light, expressive style that draws you in and holds your gaze perfectly.

Speaking about the single, Mateus shared, “The release ‘Fallin’’ was created while experimenting with volume automation and super saws. That combined with a simple chord progression is where this one started. Of course there’s more to it, but those are the main elements.”

Available now, ‘Fallin’’ is a perfect introduction to Mateus for those not yet acquainted, illustrating his glistening electronic sound, free experimental style, and perfectly polished production with crystal clear clarity. For more from Mateus, be sure to check out his socials and Spotify page below, and see why he has been touted as one of the rising electronic artists to watch.

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