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Pios Phantom - ‘Orchid Greens’

  • 2 min read

Best known as a ‘musical searcher’, Pios Phantom is a German born lyricist and songwriter who has been exploring an endless sea of musical genres. With a penchant for songs that are hypnotic, uplifting, and full of revelations, Pios Phantom has spent years honing his craft and creating the most meaningful tracks of his career.

A yoga master, modern day philosopher, and pilgrim, Pios Phantom has travelled the world, meeting kindred spirits and making music that is honest, accessible, and genuinely beautiful. It’s the many experiences in his life that have coloured Pios Phantom’s music and made his work so unique, offering a unique style that stays true to the traditions of love and peace that were born at Woodstock. Along with his divine rock opera, that he wrote while inspired by the heavenly mantra entrusted to him by his guru, Pios Phantom has also shared a stream of impressive singles, including his latest, the heartfelt ‘Orchid Greens’.

With his latest tracks, Pios Phantom has been experimenting with innovative electronic sounds, blending modern elements with inspiration from vintage pop, rock, and soul. His latest track in this vein, ‘Orchid Greens’ is a song that comes from humble origins, building an expressive sound that lets the listener embark on their own journey through the music.

Available now on all digital streaming platforms, ‘Orchid Greens’ is a single that perfectly encapsulates Pios Phantom’s sound. With a goal to bring people together through music, Pios Phantom has been impressing fans and critics alike, and with the promise of new music on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to experience his music.

From his home in Siegbach, Germany, a holy place where people can come to find the essence of their divine spirit, Pios Phantom continues to write and create new music that promotes peace and harmony in a world where those qualities are increasingly rare. With a steady stream of new releases expected this year and beyond, he is poised to make an indelible impact on the international music world.

You can stream ‘Green Orchids’ above, and be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for when Pios Phantom shares his new single ‘Only The Strong Survive’, which will be available on October 10th this year.

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