Pirello – ‘Raging Bull’

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An enigmatic artist and music producer with a penchant for blending an expansive range of melodies, sounds, and styles into one vibrant mix, Pirello is as bold and entertaining as he is unique. Entrenched in Latin and tropical sounds that flow over hip-hop beats, tribal percussion, and relentless, colourful melodies that dart in and out of pop, EDM, and new wave rock, Pirello is a complete musical experience, and there is no better proof of that fact that his debut single, ‘Raging Bull’.

A deft collaborative affair that sees the reclusive producer teaming up with Jamaica’s Richie Loop and our very own Honey-B-Sweet, ‘Raging Bull’ is a once in a lifetime single, one that perfectly encapsulates an artist’s talents and intent and presents it with crystal clear production and enough power to make you really stop and pay attention. A single that actively fights being labelled or pigeonholed, ‘Raging Bull’ shines with a long list of influences and inspirations, taking the most exciting aspects of hip-hop, pop, electronica and more to create a truly universal piece.

In his own words, Pirello described the track as “a colourful bowl of music for the whole world”, and that’s exactly what it is, a joyous melting pot of sound that revels in trumpets, saxophones, quick-stepping 808’s, synths, and undeniably catchy vocals. Built to impress with a wonderfully organic sound, ‘Raging Bull’ glistens with a modern Midas touch, creating a loop that will bring you to the verge of euphoria and have you dancing all through your day.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Raging Bull’ in an essential new release, so be sure to tune in below via Spotify.

Arguably one of the most exciting debut singles of the year so far, ‘Raging Bull’ has all the promise of an instant hit, and if Pirello can keep producing tracks that are even half as good, he’ll have a long and successful career ahead of him. Tune in today and don’t forget to follow Pirello on his social media pages below so you never miss a beat.

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