St. Laviathan – ‘Topic’

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Easily one of the most featured and rightfully celebrated artists on our pages, St. Laviathan is easily one of the most promising and proficient rappers of the last few years. With a constantly growing back-catalogue and a musical output that borders on relentless, the Florida native has been carving out his legacy with a torrent of massive hip-hop anthems, and now, with the release of his new single ‘Topic’, he’s officially cemented his place in rap history.

An artist who has already proved he can write every kind of rap track there is, from the emotive and personal like ‘Venus’ and ‘I Should Have Kissed You’, to the rampant energy and hard-hitting sounds of ‘Saint Is The Victor’. Today though, St. Laviathan is expanding his sound further, with ‘Topic’ harking back to his rugged, juggernaut days, while also diving into a world of vibrant club euphoria.

Produced by Tellingbeatzz, the new cut is a defiant blend of battle rap and club anthemics, one that shakes up the current rap scene and delivers bar after bar of intense, unadulterated rap. In his own words, St. Laviathan explained the shift in sound for the new single, highlighting its importance and his constant drive to create; “Artistically with ‘Topic; I wanted to switch it up, leave the fast rap alone this time shunning any critics who may dismiss me as a one-trick pony, and present listeners with a flow easy to follow, stating very clearly that I intend to be here for a while...”

A brilliant and devastating piece that revels in gritty old school anthemics and a dynamic, unstoppable flow, ‘Topic’ is a triumph on any scale, ensuring that St. Lavithan’s dominance in 2021 continues to go unchecked. Tune in today on Soundcloud.

The latest in a long line of titanic singles, ‘Topic’ is another sharp glimpse into some of St. Laviathan’s upcoming releases, including his dual EP’s ‘Saint Is the Victor’ and ‘Laviamata’, which promise to be two of the biggest independent hip-hop releases of the year. Make sure you follow St. Laviathan on his social media pages below so you don’t miss them.

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