Polyphonic Exophilia – ‘Vol. 2’

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There are few groups more innovative or intriguing than Norway’s Polyphonic Exophilia. After first rising to prominence after the enduring success of their debut EP, the band soon evolved into an all-encompassing musical project, one that was built around a concept, a band, a recording studio, and an independent record label. Known for their progressive alt-indie signature sound the collective has become synonymous with expansive, engaging soundscapes, Polyphonic Exophilia has quickly become one of the most intriguing new projects, and now, with the release of their new EP, they’ve cemented themselves as champions in a defiant new age of sound.

Abbreviated to simply ‘PPXP’, the collective is based out of the region called Hadeland and holds their anonymity sacred, shying away from the spotlight in order to maintain a pure focus on their music, and on the new EP, it’s paid off brilliantly. Titled ‘Vol. 2’, the new EP brings into focus a series of four original songs, each of which captures a different side to the collective’s “sensual progressive alternative soul-funk” sound. A progressive fusion of sounds that are anchored by a heartfelt neo-soul style, the EP is split cleverly into two instrumentals and two vocal-led tracks, showcasing the full breadth of the group’s talents.

Opening with ‘Ups et Pertulerat’, Latin for ups and downs, Polyphonic Exophilia unleashed an empowering instrumental piece that rises from stark progressive compositions that imitate the manic/melancholic ups and downs of life. In the second track, ‘Dance with Fire’, the band turn to shamanistic rhythms and invite you to dance naked with your friends around an open bonfire under the pink moon, unashamedly delivering a bold blend of both the spiritual and physical worlds.

In the latter half of the EP opens up, ‘God Is What People Make of It’ shines with new school funk, delving into a social constructive perspective on organised religion, with references to the American political scientist Alexander Wendt, American Professor of psychology John Henry Holland, and even Ricky Gervais and his acclaimed show ‘Humanity’. Closing the EP is ‘When the Lockdown Is Over’, an optimistic, progressive instrumental composed with the intention of creating hope in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

Available now on all major streaming services, as well as on our ‘Best of 2021’ playlist on Spotify, ‘Vol. 2’ is a tour de force of both talent and creativity, perfectly illustrating the bold creative world that Polyphonic Exophilia inhabits.

Check out the new EP above via Spotify, and make sure you follow them below on their social media pages so you never miss a release.

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