pvkeslvt - 'Fine Night'

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Arguably one of the most prolific and powerful hardcore electronic dance punk bands that Cyprus has to offer, pvkeslvt have recently released their titanic new single 'Fine Night', lashing out with a unique sound that blends elements of progressive metal, punk, techno, and more.

Released as part of the band’s new album ‘Double Desire’, the single sees pvkeslvt continuing to push boundaries and deliver their signature blend of fast-paced hyper ecstatic catharsis. Built on kaleidoscopic layers of abstract sounds and intricate artificial textures, 'Fine Night' creates a colourful sonic landscape. The lyrics, in turn, are highly just as abstract and evocative, revolving around a creative blend of sci-fi and semi-religious ideas. Through the chaos, lyrics such as "Jesus saves your soul on God's hard drive" fades into focus, fighting through waves of electronic sounds to create a bold statement of intent.

Speaking about the song, the band candidly explained that it showcases many of their long and varied list of influences, "showing the inspiration of World's End Girlfriend's cornucopia of noisy and beautiful sounds, Liturgy's transcendental black metal blast beats, Celldweller's electronic and and aggressive metal fusion, Fire-Toolz's placing of a utopian virtual soundscape in a progressive electronic context, Käärijä's Eurovision banger Cha-cha-cha's combination of darkness with an unbearably catchy Europop chorus, Rammstein's industrial guitars and rhythms, Klaus Schulze's intense analogue synth arpeggios; and probably many, many more in very subtle little ways."

Available now on all digital streaming platforms, 'Fine Night' follows an explosive years for pvkeslvt which has seen them release two albums; 'I Will Never Die' and 'Double Desire', from which 'Fine Night' is taken, along with the acclaimed standalone single, 'GODDESS'.

A band that originated in Cyprus, pvkeslvt is built off the talents of three central members who cover vocals, guitar, bass, composing, and production. Armed with a unique sound that is hard to define, they stitch together a progressive blend of metal, punk, techno, alternative rock, electronica, synthpop, nu jazz, and more.

Speaking further about their live experience, the band shared, "what our shows are in short though is we have a live guitar, bass and vocals and then a backing track with drums and synths filling in the other parts of the songs. On stage there are two of us at a time for most songs as the bass players interchange."

For more from the talented Cyprus trio, be sure to check their Linktree page here.

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