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RAGEFLOWER - 'Still Calling'

  • 2 min read

Sydney based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist RAGEFLOWER (aka Madeleine Powers) releases her debut indie pop-inspired single ‘Still Calling’, a gorgeous release that showcases her emotive songwriting, and is marked by its diversity of themes from self-reflection, destructive human behaviour and healing.

RAGEFLOWER explained, “Essentially, 'Still Calling' is about the journey back to self and healing the inner child. It’s also about the consequences of suppressing trauma with destructive coping mechanisms. When I wrote the song I was in a dark place, I really felt that I had let myself down and that I had wasted my potential on temporary highs. At the time I was listening to a lot of music from my emo high school years (Bright Eyes, Tonight Alive, Sum 41) and connecting with the person I used to be, which really inspired the sound. I wanted to write a hyper dualistic song with verses that felt confessional and vulnerable but choruses that felt destructive and nihilistic.

On ‘Still Calling’, RAGEFLOWER’S impressive vocals soar over an infectious chorus that comforts the listener with a sprinkle of vulnerability. It’s an earworm tune that stays with the listener long after it stops playing. The track was recorded at Studios 301, Casa Studios and Sunset Magnolia Studios with production credits from some of her closest friends Max Jacobs, Daryl Chin and Nicodemo Scali, with mixing by Nicolas Mendoza (Lime Cordiale, Loretta), and one of Australia's most respected mastering engineers Steve Smart (Ocean Alley, Vance Joy, Lisa Mitchell, Dean Lewis).

RAGEFLOWER continued, “I have been really lucky to make this music with some of my best friends in the world who also happen to be really great producers and musicians (Max Jacobs and Nicodemo Scali). When I showed Max the beginnings of the song he got really excited and immediately started mapping out a basic demo with just midi drums and some guitars. Max really arranged the whole thing, he’s a phenomenal guitarist and so he was able to understand this project as guitar music. From there we took the demo to Nico in his home studio, and that’s when all the magic started to happen."

"We tracked drums with our incredible friend Daryl Chin at 301 because recording drums is a whole ordeal, but then from there the rest of the song was recorded in our home studios, our mate Grace Labrum tracked bass at Nicos house sitting on the edge of a couch in one or two takes. I am really grateful to be surrounded by a community of unbelievable musicians who were all keen to work on this with me.”

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