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Dice - 'Bad Tattoo'

  • 2 min read

Featuring their signature guitar riffs, smooth buttery vocals and driving drums, Dice are back with another searing illustration of their sharp take on Australian indie-rock. Titled ‘Bad Tattoo', the new single is everything we've come to expectfrom the fast rising band and more, making it a perfect new cut for any day of the week.

The boys from Dice have spent time in the studio with collaborator and producer Sam Ford at Tone City Recording Studio (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND & Abbe May) recording their latest single, ‘Bad Tattoo’. A grungy rock anthem for the adolescent experience, that will make you look fondly at the dodgy stick-and-poke you let your friend do after a few beers.

Speaking about the new track, the band explained, “Our songs were written prior to recording during our rehearsals and spare time. However, the collaboration with our producer, Sam Ford led to new ideas that we had not considered before. It was a very collaborative and open minded process of trying new chords, harmonies and lyrics which lifted the song to another level. The ability for different creative minds to be able to share ideas led to additional components being a pivotal part of the tracks.

‘Bad Tattoo’ is the latest single pulled from their upcoming debut EP, 'Adolescent Arcade', a collection of memories mapping their formative first year playing as a band. The band continued, “We wanted to be able to share our experiences, emotions and struggles over the past year. As we progress as a band, we want to show our old and new fans that we’re still a bunch of young guys who are passionate about music.”

“Bad Tattoo steers away from deeper meanings like our past tracks had (self belief, the mental and physical strain of gigging, how to cope with young relationships). We wanted to create a track which can embody our cheeky, light hearted side of experiencing young adulthood. With reference to past experiences, we portray bad tattoos as a good thing, a representation of a memory rather than regret.”

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