Raging Hormones - 'Public Fun - Part 1'

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Fusing blistering guitar and synth hooks with an arsenal of festival-ready anthems drenched in 60s rock-and-roll, 'Public Fun - Part 1' is a debut body of work as euphoric as it is empowering: a guaranteed, purpose-written antidote to the chaos of modern life.

Designed as the rock and roll equivalent to a day spa, the EP delivers five tracks that blend potent lyricism with the band’s trademark punk-powered instrumentation to create a space for true escapism. It’s a release that puts the listener firmly in control, offering that one, fabled chance to say “yes”, grab your destiny by the horns, and drive off, Thelma and Louise-style, into the sunset.

There’s a strong sense of camaraderie underpinning this release. A relentless call to arms, it offers everything needed - the ammunition, sounds, and instructions, for taking aim at everything getting you down, regardless of what’s at stake.

The band, which formed in December 2021, comprises Nick Manuell, Lucy Rash, David Williams, Jon Grace, and Adrian Van Bloom. Manuell, Williams and Rash went to school together in East Gippsland, in the eastern region of Gippsland, Victoria, in Australia. They met Van Bloom and Grace on the local music scene in Melbourne.

'Public Fun - Part 1' is the first in an explosive two-part release, with the band's second EP, 'Public Fun - Part 2' billed for release later in 2023. For more from the band, check out their social media pages below.

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