Michael Bakrnčev – ‘Elegy’

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An acclaimed Australian composer who has become known for his transcending piano-led compositions, Michael Bakrnčev is back with a new piece that is sure to resonate with every listener.

Simply titled ‘Elegy’, the new composition was written during a period of personal turmoil, and as such, is heavily inspired by grief, tragedy, hopelessness, and despair. It’s a piece that is held together by sweeping emotional refrains and deep melancholic melodies. It’s a special piece, like all of Michael compositions, tapping into raw human emotions and pairing them perfectly with expressive, orchestral movements.

Made in collaboration with Alex Raineri, ‘Elegy’ is a unique musical story, one that unfolds with ease, pushed forward by an impressive piano solo. Stitched into Michael’s usual timeless ambiance, the composition reveals itself in parts, offering glimpses into the darker narrative and prompting a measured introspective experience.

Speaking of the new piece, Michael released a touching statement that read, “The piece is characterized by its deep and sorrowful mood, with a slow, melancholic melody that speaks to the pain and sadness the composer was feeling. The somber harmonies and minimalistic approach to the piano only amplify the sense of loss and desolation conveyed in the music.”

You can stream the new single today on Spotify, where it was recorded live at the Brisbane Music Festival in 2022.

Portraying both melancholy and warmth, ‘Elegy’ has the ability to lull you into a peaceful sleep while also easing your soul with waves of relieving catharsis. It’s Michael at his most emotive and poignant, and easily our favourite of all his powerful releases.

For more from Michael, be sure to check out his website and social media pages below.

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