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Red Wine Talk - 'Anti-Romance'

  • 1 min read

Marked by the opening line of “I don’t need to tattoo your name on my arm, you’re already under my skin”, Red Wine Talk’s new single is arguably their most mature and expressive to date.

After a nine-month hiatus, the band are back in a big way, with their latest single showing that they used their time in the wilderness to mature their indie rock sound. Far from your average boy meets girl cliché-fest, ‘Anti-Romance’ perfectly blends its romanticised lyrical lens with a feeling of apathy, touching on the modern way in which we throw away the latest object of affection before searching for another.

Caught between the lines underpinning the irony of fawning over Hollywood and pop lyric romances, the song is one filled with poignant cognitive dissonance, shining a light on “the quick sex aficionados out there can fully appreciate this reservedly antithetic ode to love (or lack thereof) in our modern age.”

The instrumental minimalism truly stands as a testament to the power of the songwriting by this UK outfit headed by vocalist and guitarist Edward Brookes. You can check out the new track below alongside the official music video, which premiered a few days ago on September 9th.

A single that hits the mark in every category, Red Wine Talk’s ‘Anti-Romance’ shows their power and potential in perfect form, offering a new side to their much-loved sound and proving that they just might become one of the UK’s biggest bands.

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