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Renessco - 'Glass House'

  • 2 min read

Taking the turmoil and nuance of a relationship’s complexity, and bringing it together with lush sonic textures and arrangements, Melbourne-via-Freo artist Renessco presents his new tune ‘Glass House’. The track is a prime example of the emphatic and soulful songwriter Renessco has been evolving into over recent years, and an exciting indicator of the new music we can be expecting from him as we head into the New Year.

Written on the West Coast, Renessco (aka Connor Minervini) used ‘Glass House’ as an observation on long term relationships reaching an expiration date, and the emotional weight of it all. As part of a larger Renessco project we’ll be introduced to in due time, ‘Glass House’ demonstrates a natural songwriting skill; not to mention Renessco’s ability to captivate as a vocalist.

The song continued to thrive in sessions with Sam Phay (Kuren, Yorke) back in Melbourne, with Renessco fleshing things out to reach its final, gorgeous form.

Renessco explained, “I wrote ‘Glass House’ about a long term relationship that was slowly deteriorating before my eyes. Fragility and reflection are two really big themes that kind of dominate the song, it really felt like the “final dance” of the relationship in a way. I had the main verse written in Perth about a few days before I was due to go to the studio and Sam (producer) helped nurse the rest out of me, it was pretty therapeutic.”

“When we sat down to record it, I was really feeling like I wanted the song to sound like a diary entry. For me, I kind of journal my life in songs using voice memos on my phone. So we recorded the acoustic guitar straight from my phone into the session. I feel like there is something really intimate in that. It doesn’t have the sparkly quality of an expensive microphone, but it just has this real honesty about it.”

Though there may be parts of the music community who may be familiar with Renessco’s work with folk-rock group The Hunting Birds, the debut of his latest project stands as a strong independent presence of its own, without losing the inherent charm that has threaded its way through his existing output to date.

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