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Rita B - 'Coming Up'

  • 2 min read

Sydney singer-songwriter, Rita B returns today with an evocative piece of shimmering indie folk-rock ‘Coming Up’. Her ability to write and sing about darker and edgier topics highlights how she never puts restrictions on her craft and embraces the ebb and flow of her feelings. This single will delight fans of Stella Donnelly and Julia Jacklin.

Mixed by Guy Fenech (Australia, Shearin') and mastered by Nick Franklin (Clews, Polish Club), ‘Coming Up’ sees the singer unveil more intimate reflections of her life. “I took a hiatus from music from about 2011-2016 until the moniker of Rita B emerged in 2017 with the first album. That album With Pockets Nearly Empty and a Glass Almost Full was recorded by a fellow named Tim Wall who was exceptionally good at capturing a true and natural sound. The music on this album is folk, with elements of country, and the lyrical content portrays a grieving period. My music now has become rockier and darker, and I’ve been working with a different producer, Guy Fenech, to achieve a more layered sound. I imagine the music will always be evolving due to what it is I’m experiencing or consuming at a point in time,” said Rita B.

Rita B’s songs are always witty observations about life and don't tend to pull any punches. Overall, she grounds herself in alternative folk. She continued, “I think overall it is sonically a combo of empowered folk rock and hallowing folk singer songwriter. My rhythm section gives the sound a lot of groove and rock tones. I often like to add a violinist on top of the drum, bass, guitar/singing trio. My solo acoustic persona is perhaps sonically a little more deep and layered compared to your average acoustic sound. I enjoy harmonies and reverb. Stylistically, my vocals are inspired by folk music and technically I like to vocally explore a broad range of singing notes.” 

Rita B will be launching her new single ‘Coming Up’ with her band on December 9th. Expect to hear an eclectic mix of alternative folk, pop and rock at her show. “I think the music is a bit like a country folk star turned commercial pop ala Taylor Swift, but instead of turning pop, we did a u-turn and went the more non-commercial punk “fuck you” route. Rita B is delicate melodies, elegant harmonies and a solid, yet at times, perplexing rhythm.” added drummer Thomas Fijalkowski.

Rita B’s music is a pure reflection of her diverse experiences and sonic influences. She spent 2017 performing songs from her debut album ‘With Pockets Nearly Empty and A Glass Almost Full’ bewitching audiences with her mesmerizing and honest vocals. Her single ‘Work’ won a place in FBi’s top 10 most played songs in 2018. 

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