Rising London’s Lia Rye faces up to lingering thoughts in new single ‘Bad Dream’

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At just 19 years of age, Lia Rye, an artist hailing from London but based in Leeds, is already emerging as a notable figure in the UK alternative rock scene. Influenced by the likes of YONAKA, Bring Me The Horizon, and Royal Blood, Lia crafts her distinctive sound through commanding vocals, poignant lyrics, and compelling riffs that captivate audiences.

With her latest single, ‘Bad Dream’, Lia introduces a fresh direction, embracing a formidable rock sound. Fueled by her love for live music, ‘Bad Dream’ showcases Rye amplifying the energy and intensity, delivering a potent dose of alternative rock. The song kicks off with a burst of electrifying rock energy, driven by crunchy guitars, pulsating bass, and dynamic drums before Lia’s vocals gracefully enter.

Balancing a hazy ambience with rhythmic punch, Lia's voice weaves through airy delays, building anticipation until the explosive chorus erupts into a high-octane frenzy of rock power. This moody and invigorating track signifies a dynamic shift in Lia Rye's musical journey. As she and her band continue to mesmerize audiences onstage and win hearts with their releases, 2024 promises to be her most remarkable year yet.

Her journey began at the age of 15 with the release of her debut single ‘Novacaine’, a graceful indie rock anthem that unveiled her sonic vision. Honing her skills at the prestigious BRIT School, Rye returned in 2022 with her second release, ‘Habits’, followed by the single ‘One Track Way’ and her debut EP ‘Fever Dream’.

Now accompanied by a new band comprising drummer Sam Mortimer, bassist Griff Garland, and guitarist Ben Robinson, Lia has taken to the Leeds gig circuit, delivering mesmerizing performances at venues like Stylus, Hyde Park Book Club, Lending Room, and Northern Guitars.

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