Multidisciplinary artist, Darius Christian drops new single ‘Good Kind Of Lonely’

Los Angeles-based artist Darius Christian has just released his latest single, ‘Good Kind Of Lonely’, delivering an impressive taste of his forthcoming album. Released today, the new single is a powerful illustration of Darius’ multi-faceted sound, seamlessly blending pop, soul, funk, and contemporary RnB to create one of his most engaging offerings to date.

A reflective and introspective new release, ‘Good Kind Of Lonely’ sees Darius celebrating solitude and finding gratitude, channeling ruminative moments to make the single effortlessly relatable. Featuring collaborations with Charles Goold and Spencer Zahn, the new track sets the stage perfectly for his anticipated spring album. 

Speaking openly about the song, Darius describes the track as ‘a simple groove that inspires a drive into the sunset, contemplating life's blessings.’ Backed by sun-kissed instrumentals that sway to a relaxed pop groove, the single centers perfectly on Darius’ smooth vocals, letting every moment linger and land as mellow textures float around you. Available now, the single marks an expressive prelude to Darius's impactful musical journey, earmarking him as a talent to watch in the coming years.

A dynamic multidisciplinary artist and unique creative force, Darius has performed alongside icons, such as Macklemore, Rihanna, DNCE, Ricky Martin, Lauryn Hill, Solange, Adele and more. Now a solo singer, producer, and powerful trombonist, Darius’ genre-bending music is poised to set a new generation of music fans alight.

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