Rising star Soki Yue shares her first single of the year with ‘Loyal Like a Dog’

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An independent artist who first made her mark in 2022 with the release of her timeless debut single ‘Fangs’, Soki Yue has quickly become one of our latest obsessions. Armed with a raw indie rock sound that is both wonderfully nostalgic and impressively modern, Soki’s music is all about those heavy emotional moments, showcasing an honest and authentic side to life that many mainstream artists look to gloss over.

Her latest singles, the haunting ‘Loyal Like a Dog’ is another of those sharp, emotive pieces, delivering an all too relatable listening experience that will tug at the heartstrings of any unrequited lover. Built around the idea of loving someone unconditionally, while never feeling that warmth returned, the new cut is an honest and intriguing release that will have you utterly enraptured.

As the track beings, Soki wastes no time in setting the stage, wrapping her soft vocals around a gentle bridge and ebbing atmospherics to create a raw, nuanced introduction. As the song builds, Soki effortlessly hints at more spiked choruses to come, delving into jangly indie instrumentals and wonderfully textured passages. Opening with the line of “you taught the dog to bite,” the choruses explode with energy, acting as direct moments where Soki can vent her anger and frustration, only to fade away into gentle, restless realisation when she cries, “yet I come right back when you call my name.”

Speaking openly with us about the brilliant new single, Soki shared, “The song […] evokes the despair of loving someone unconditionally while being left outside in the cold. The idea behind it came from metaphor of a dog chasing its own tail. The track contains a soft bridge to contrast the otherwise harsh and spiky chorus.”

At just nineteen years old, Soki has already developed an incredibly nuanced sound, showcasing her abilities and talent for tapping into raw moments perfectly. Her new single, along with her previous work, are powerful testaments to what she can achieve, and we can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next.

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