Ireland’s pMad blends gothic rock and post punk in his joyfully chaotic new album

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Recently, Irish post punk and gothic rock artist pMad landed in our inbox with his driven single ‘Opinion’, an immersive cut that revelled in waves of nostalgia and sharp, evocative beats. It was eye opening and politically driven statement from the unrelenting artist, and it made us want to dive into the full album all the more.

A project that is slowly being unveiled to the world in stages, ‘I in Power’ is a unique collection of tracks that illustrate pMad’s creative whims, artistic perspective, and expansive range of influences. Delivering eight original tracks in total, pMad has said that the album is a must for any fan of ‘Rammstein, Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy, industrial, post-punk, gothic, indie, and rock music,’ and while that might seem like a wide spectrum of style, it’s really just the beginning.

Opening with ‘Confession’, pMad wastes no time in making his mark, cutting you to the quick with a heavy dose of experimental power. From dramatic strings to thunderous drums, the track is a cinematic blend of industrial sounds and grand designs, clinging to repeated refrains and relentless, driving beats. As the second song arrives, pMad changes his tact, creating a dark, electric groove that is balanced by pMad’s lyrics about truth’s fickle nature.

Even when only two tracks in, pMad’s flair for reinvention and his ability to stitch provocative lyrics into any genre are abundantly clear, and the trilogy of ‘Electric’, ‘Fire’, and ‘Fury’ hammer it home perfectly. A deft combination of electro-goth vibes, layered melodies, and surprisingly soulful sounds that quickly become more driven punk-rock explorations, the three tracks encapsulate the artist’s creative streak and critical mind perfectly. In the closing half of the album, we’re met by the familiar club vibes of ‘Opinion’, along with two new tracks: the caustic, guitar-driven anthem of ‘Missing’, and the final, hard-fought, rocket-propelled track of ‘Sword’. Arguably the most impactful song on the album, ‘Sword’ strikes with urgency and fierce determination, channelling fast tempos and gothic vocals in perfect form.

An album of different shades, styles, and even strides, ‘I in Power’ is oddly satisfying and infinitely surprising, breaking barriers and charging ahead with purpose. It’s an album that doesn’t care what’s in vogue or trending, and instead stays true to its vision, lending an authentic edge to a dynamic and unyielding listening experience.

While the full album won’t be released on streaming services until the 30th of April this year, after each single has premiered, it is currently available as a digital download and CD from pMad's Bandcamp page. You can also stream lead single ‘Opinion’ above via Spotify, and all currently released singles exclusively on pMad’s Bandcamp page.

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