rodeoboy - ‘KIA BOY’

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An enigmatic musician who first landed on our radar in late 2022, rodeoboy is a true trap artist in every sense of the word. Arriving alongside kaleidoscopic single ‘Welcome to the Trip’, and subsequent album ‘Finally Better’, rodeoboy delivered a unique and unforgettable style that still has us entranced to the day. Now, he’s back with a brand new single that dives headfirst into stark, atmospheric sounds and raw, confident vocals.

Released in late August this year, the single is an impressive return from rodeoboy, holding firm to the signature trap sound that he created on his previous album, while also offering a fresh, focused edge that drills deep into your psyche. A more accessible single than some of the caustic, cataclysmic cuts that filled his debut album, ‘KIA BOY’ is wonderfully raw, and perfectly curated, capturing an emotive trap sound that puts all the focus on rodeoboy’s vocals.

One of the undeniable strengths from his album, rodeoboy’s hit in waves, cutting through subtle audio snippets and isolated synth tones to deliver a rolling, relentless refrain. Pitching from measured spoken word sections to more impassioned and irrepressible verse, ‘KIA BOY’ retains rodeoboy’s free and expressive nature, allowing his lyrics to hit with maximum impact and keep you hanging on til the very last bar.

At just two minutes in length, the new single is a short, but enjoyable return from rodeoboy, giving us all an impressive glimpse into what’s still to come. You can stream ‘KIA BOY’ in full now on Spotify.

A single that is sure to win rodeoboy fans and accolades, ‘KIA BOY’ sees the talented artist charting a new course, and doing so brilliantly. If you’re a fan of rodeoboy’s debut album, then ‘KIA BOY’ is sure to become one of your newest obsessions.

For more from rodeoboy, make sure you follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify, below, where he’ll be announcing new music as it's released.

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