rodeoboy – ‘Welcome to the Trip‘

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Every now and then, we receive a submission that is just so intriguing, that we can’t help but fall for it. Presented with only the scarcest of information and semi-psychedelic artwork that draws you in with the headline ‘Finally Better’, rodeoboy’s ‘Welcome to the Trip’ is a stellar trap release that captures the imagination long before you’ve ever hit play.

Announced as the first track to be taken from rodeoboy’s debut project, ‘Welcome to the Trip’ is a bold introduction to the confessed “ramen and tequila enthusiast”, lashing out with a technicolour rap sound and plenty of well-earned confidence. Released only a few weeks ago by entertainment and event company Sci Fi Entertainment, the single has been burning a hole through the underground scene, and now, it’s our turn to shine a spotlight upon it.

At just two minutes and fifteen seconds long, ‘Welcome to the Trip’ is a quickfire release that makes its mark and then leaves just as suddenly, breaking down barriers and carving out a fierce new-age grunge aesthetic. Opening with a direct torrent of caustic guitar and tempered 101 beats, the single explodes into a raw, chaotic, and utterly devastating sound, one that hinges on stark punk vibes and a deliberate rap aesthetic.

As the song builds, rodeoboy lashes out with some cutting vocals that hit with nothing but power, offering a tidal wave of pure noise turned into an absolute riot. Amongst the melee, subtle touches such as a touch of reverb sink in, but at its heart, the whole song is a cacophony of sound that refuses to quit, offering no apologies or explanations, just a stream of sound and conscious thought.

A unique single that toes the line between art-rock and corrosive hip-hop, ‘Welcome to the Trip’ promises to be one of the most divisive singles of the year. You can tune into the single above, and if you’re a fan of rodeoboy’s harsh sounds, be sure to follow him on Instagram and Spotify below so you never miss a release.

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