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Suede & Crow Baston – ‘Sthlm-Prague’

  • 2 min read

A new duo from Stockholm who first surfaced in the summer of 2021, Suede & Crow Baston have spent the last year winning over fans and critics alike. Offering a modern interpretation of that classic hip-hop sound, the duo blends melodic rap and metaphorical texts over a set of unique beats to create their invigorating sound, lashing out with sharp tracks and undeniable anthems like the new ‘Sthlm-Prague’.

Inspired by the American, British and French rap scenes, the duo has dedicated themselves to songwriting and music production, building on a five-year relationship with the brilliant producer Rednas, who has produced the majority of the duo’s songs so far.

In true form, ‘Sthlm-Prague’ is another empowering piece from the duo and their long-standing producer, lashing out as an expressive song about a group of friends finding their way through Prague. Built on chilled beats and intoxicating rhythms, the new single is a perfect illustration of the duo’s sound, laying down free-from verse that describe how a few pre-drinks turn into a never-ending pub crawl resulting in the chorus which enlightens the aftermath of the rough night out.

Speaking about the new single, the duo explained, “’Sthlm-Prague’ is about making new friends and creating memories together. The sing-a-long friendly chorus combined with the uniquely bouncy beat provides a perfect vibe for pre-parties, dinners, or any festive occasion.”

Written and performed in English, ‘’Sthlm-Prague’ is a winning combination of intriguing beats and artistic brilliance, makes it suitable for any time, date, or place. You can stream it now on Spotify, and on our annual Spotify playlist, and be sure to follow the duo on their Instagram page below for more great tracks.

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