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Ron Wright – ‘Ron Wright & Special Guests’

  • 2 min read

Arguably one of the most recognisable and accomplished musicians of California’s burgeoning rock scene, Ron Wright has built a career that most artists would be jealous of. A guitarist, vocalist and professional recording artist, Ron’s style is cut straight from the golden age of rock, delivering a timeless rock ‘n’ roll energy that is perfectly rooted in the free-spirited vibes of classic rock and the dark, evocative echoes of the blues. Although Ron has already made a defiant mark on the music world with albums like ‘Acoustic Dreams’ or ‘Dressage Grand Prix Music’, his latest release is far more expansive and diverse than anything he’s done before.

Aptly titled ‘Ron Wright & Special Guests’, the new album brings together a wealth of rock ‘n’ roll energy and experience, delivering eighteen massive anthems that feature some of the genre’s most notable musicians. From Bobby Kimball (TOTO) and Valerie Carter (Michael Jackson) to Davey Pattison (Robin Trower), Janet Planet (Van Morrison), Richard Bryant (Little River Band), Tiran Porter (Doobie Brothers) and Chris Minto (who engineered for KISS), the album boasts an incredibly impressive roster, and together, they’ve delivered one of the most impressive albums of the year so far.

Built on the foundation of Ron’s masterful guitar work, which has been frequently compared to that of Eddie Van Halen, everything about the new album is set to impress, from the incredible style and improvisation to the overall sense of authenticity and style, it’s classic rock for the modern age, and it’s absolutely unmissable. Throughout every track, sparks fly, and Ron finds a way to deliver one massive and deeply memorable moment after another, stitching together titanic guitar riffs, hard-hitting licks and devastating solos to make this album his best so far.

You can tune into the full album below via Spotify, and make sure you head on over to our Spotify playlists where you can find selected tracks from the album alongside some of modern rock’s best new releases!

It’s something of a rare occasion when musicians of such calibre can join forces and deliver such a promising album, but on this one, they’ve all pulled together to make a masterclass in collaborative rock. The end result is a perfect melting pot that blends the musicians’ own backgrounds, talents, and legacies into an expansive blast of modern rock that illustrates just how powerful and evocative the genre can be.

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