SEPSISS – ‘You Already Know’

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An award-winning, female-fronted heavy metal and hard rock band from Manchester, New Hampshire, SEPSISS have become known all across the US for their unique, high energy style and loyal supporters that they affectionate call ‘swarmies’. A band that lives for their audience and aim to unite our culture through music, SEPSISS have quickly become of the most exciting acts around, bringing their sound to the world through online karaoke shows, Facebook groups, podcasts, and live streams. After sharing their talents extensively in recent months, the band have broken new ground with the release of ‘You Already Know’, a massive new single that perfectly illustrates their unique blend of hard rock and global unity.

A bonus track of sorts, ‘You Already Know’ is built around a simple, but brilliant message, asking us all to unite and encouraging all ages and nationalities to set our differences aside for healing. Musically, there’s a lot to love about the new track, and it delivers time and time again with a heart-pounding spiritual sound that is perfectly built to connect with any and all fans of humanity, art, and music. An adrenaline-filled, action-packed anthem that seeks to erase outdated language, concepts, attitudes, and behaviours, ‘You Already Know’ is easily one of SEPSISS’ most impressive releases to date.

Mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Glen Robinson, whose expertise gives the track’s heavy metal melody a perfectly polished sound, ‘You Already Know’ is a titanic blend of titanic sounds and universal ideal, bringing people back together in a world that is still slowly learning how to cope with the global pandemic.

Best described as ‘the people’s metal’, SEPSISS has well and truly set the bar with ‘You Already Know’, delivering a heavy and wonderfully powerful message that will speak to hard rock and metal fans alike. Check it out below on Spotify now.

A perfect example of why SEPSISS are one of the most impressive metal bands of the modern age, ‘You Already Know’ is a musical juggernaut just waiting to be unleashed. You can hear the new track above and be sure to follow SEPSISS on their social media pages below so you never miss a beat.

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