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Rory Sturgeon – ‘Girl In Blue’

  • 2 min read

A talented young musician hailing from Kent, Rory Sturgeon has spent the last few years honing his impressive bedroom pop sound. A brilliant new talent with a penchant for timeless indie anthems, Rory has been captivating fans and critics alike with songs like ‘Moments’ and ‘Hope You’ll Be Mine’, and on June 10th, he’ll be unveiling his most expressive single to date.

After teaching himself production and audio engineering using Pro Tools, Rory began making music in 2021, delivering a string of impressive singles that perfectly captured his sound and earned airplay on stations like BBC Sussex. Backed by a local and loyal fanbase, Rory spent that year building his sound, seamlessly combining crisp piano melodies with warm, evocative vocals.

Building enchanting indie sounds that shine with catchy, thought-provoking lyrics, Rory’s music forges a brilliant connection with his audience, detailing youthful experiences and adolescent struggles that we can all relate to. In his new single, the brilliant ‘Girl In Blue’, Rory it at his most vibrant and compelling, laying down a gentle, lo-fi aesthetic that unfolds with a soft, unyielding resonance. Perfectly combining sentimental lyrics with gorgeous, calling melodies, the new single is everything we’ve come to love from Rory and so much more.

As with his previous releases, ‘Girl In Blue’ is arranged with a minimalist pop style, creating an inviting rhythmic style that builds atop clean, patterned beats and Rory’s own rich vocals. Filled with subtle harmonies and a relaxed, yet evocative sound, the single has a hidden depth that most pop singles can only hope to achieve.

Speaking about the new single, Rory explained, “It is about a new love interest and the conflicting emotions that may come with it. It is my fourth single release but is set to be one song on an upcoming EP.”

Set to be released on June 10th this year, the single is already available to pre-save on Spotify.

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