Rabbit Season – ‘Post-Teenage Dream’

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A visceral five-piece band born in a basement somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia, Rabbit Season are a musical force quite unlike any other. Armed with a style that effortlessly combines pounding drums and bass with snarling guitars, dark synths, and pensive melodies, the band have been hotly tipped as one of the most exciting new acts around, and it’s easy to see why.

Previously, Rabbit Season made their mark with ‘Apt. 309’, a blistering debut single that perfectly encapsulated the hybrid grunge and shoegaze sound they were pushing for, but today, they’ve taken things a step further, blowing away all expectations with the release of their titanic third single, ‘Post-Teenage Dream’.

A release that capitalises on the band’s love of visceral, off-kilter rock, ‘Post-Teenage Dream’ is a cataclysmic anthem that stands firm on its own two feet, pushing the band well into the spotlight and proving their talents beyond any shadow of a doubt. As the track begins, its lays down a swirling mix of synth tones that effortlessly draws you in, before a rampaging stream of thunderous drums and bold, boisterous guitar hits. From there, the track takes hold, hitting hard and forcing its way into your atmosphere with a heavy indie rock edge.

As the vocals land, their delivered perfectly by frontman Jack Hamill, capturing a true sense of emotion. It’s a brilliant and undeniable release, one that embodies the more aggressive and timeless sounds of grunge, while tying it perfectly to the pensive melodies and colourful arrangements of more contemporary indie rock.

Available now, ‘Post-Teenage Dream’ is a breakthrough release in every sense, capturing a sharp and confident sound that puts Rabbit Season well and truly on the map. Check out the track above, and make sure you head to their website and Instagram page below for more.

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