Rose White's 'Tears of Regret' Is The Breakup Anthem You Didn't Know You Needed

Polish-born, London-based Rose White is back with a banger, and 'Tears of Regret' is the post-breakup party anthem you didn't know you needed. This isn't your typical heartbroken ballad; it's a defiant, empowering ode to the messy, chaotic, and oh-so-necessary phase of self-discovery that often follows a split.

White's signature husky vocals, drawing comparisons to Duffy and Amy Winehouse, effortlessly navigate the emotional rollercoaster of lust, desire, confusion, and escapism. As she puts it, it's her "bad bitch anthem," a rallying cry for anyone who's ever drowned their sorrows in late nights and questionable decisions.

The track is pure pop, soul, and funk goodness, with infectious hooks and playful grooves that will have you dancing through your pain. White's songwriting is refreshingly honest and relatable, capturing the raw emotions we often try to suppress.

But 'Tears of Regret' is more than just a catchy tune. It's a testament to White's ability to portray complex themes through her "intimate and evocative storytelling," as praised by Wonderland Magazine. It's a reminder that heartbreak isn't the end, but rather a catalyst for growth and self-discovery.

Raised on a diverse musical diet of Polish punk, international rock, and soul legends, White's sound is a unique blend of influences. Echoes of Amy Winehouse, Olivia Dean, and even a touch of RAYE can be heard in her music, creating a sonic landscape that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

'Tears of Regret' is a must-listen for anyone navigating the aftermath of a breakup. It's a song that will make you feel seen, understood, and empowered to embrace the chaos of healing. As White herself says, "I hope this song helps those who need to hear it get through some dark times." Consider this your permission to let loose, dance your heart out, and find solace in the shared experience of heartbreak.

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