RoseWood – ‘Fire and The Flame’

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A rag-tag three-piece rock band from a small lake town in Tennessee, RoseWood have burst of out of the local circuit and onto the mainstage with the release of their new single ‘Fire and The Flame’.

Described by 44Faced as “a fire-y, almost sexy, rock song, with a quasi-indie punk vibe,” the new single sees the trio of Caleb Wood, Kasen Johnson, and Mike Hicks on top form, delivering a lovestruck anthem that fits neatly into the contemporary rock scene. At its core, it’s a song that lashes out with raw energy, powerful vocals, and intense guitar riffs, ‘Fire and The Flame’ is a song that will have you hooked from the very first note.

It’s a song that showcases RoseWood's ability to create music that is both intense and emotional, balancing wonderfully evocative lines and vocals with searing guitar work. Right from the offset, lead singer Caleb delivers his heart-wrenching refrains, calling out with the lines, “It's gonna be a hot one, my baby, and it hurts every bone in my body, just to say, that you're the one.” The emotional weight of the track is undeniable, but so too are the instrumentals with the band working cohesively to deliver standout addition to the band's already impressive catalogue.

You can stream the single below via Spotify, or head on over to our annual Spotify playlist where the song is streaming along with the band’s latest offering ‘Say The Least’, and a string of other impressive releases from new bands and artists.

Available now, ‘Fire and The Flame’ is a perfect example of what makes RoseWood such an exciting band to watch. The song is a testament to the band's talent and passion for music, and it's a track that will leave you wanting more.

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