Pop luminaries Ryan Mosh and Dan$on join forces with new ballad ‘Vinyl’

Two rising stars in the electrifying world of modern pop, Ryan Mosh and Dan$on have recently shared a touching and wonderfully poignant new single. Titled ‘Vinyl’, the new single sees both artists on top form, delivering a smooth and evocative blend of pulsating rhythms, lush synths, and vibrant, moving vocals.

A stunning introduction to rising star Ryan Mosh, ‘Vinyl’ is a poignant ballad about wanting to rekindle an old love story, one that “feels like a timeless vinyl record, forever spinning and playing in our hearts.” Opening with soulful vocals that are backed perfectly by expressive piano keys, the song reflects feelings of love and longing, delivering lines like "through the memories, I feel your touch" to really make its mark.

As the song evolves, Ryan and Dan$on treat us all to layered vocal harmonies moving above waves of subdued, captivating tones. With the quiet instrumental, the vocals and lyrics shine bright, letting the words land loud and clear. The music evolves and builds calmly, with the gentle addition of acoustic guitar adding depth to the track before it blossoms every chorus with driving electronic ones. It’s a special blend of pop sensibilities, driving electronic beats, and reflective vocals that will have you hanging on until the very last moment.

An aspiring pop artist and icon in the making, Ryan Mosh hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has quickly become a powerhouse within ‘Emotional Dance Music’. With an innate ability to seamlessly meld emotive melodies, pulsating rhythms, and intricate synth work, he crafts a musical experience that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary.

In an era where music evolves at an unprecedented pace, Ryan Mosh stays true to his calling and remains crafting aural tapestries that foreshadow the boundless possibilities of our emotions through music.

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