Tranzformer and Big O continue an incredible collaborative stream with 'High Creative State'

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Fans of our website will be no stranger to the work of Tranzformer and Big O, two hip-hop luminaries who have worked together on collaborative releases like ‘The Art of Dulexity. Together, the San Diego rapper and London-based producer have produced some of the most memorable rap tracks of the last few years, making their mark as pioneers of the scene. Now, Tranzformer and Big O have continued to impress in 2024, joining forces with Soulspasm Records to deliver their latest beat tape.

Titled ‘High Creative State’, the new beat tape sees the two artists channelling their creative energy into new spaces and sounds, showcasing their individual talents and collaborative spirits in perfect form. Built around intricate musical arrangements and a love four soul samples, the album artfully displays the different creative directions both producers take in each song they produce.

Opening with ‘Soul Shaker’, Big O and Tranzformer share an emotive touch of soul, drawing instant comparisons with icons like Terry Callier. The instrumentals are smooth and soulful, with steady beats and a gentle crackle of static balanced gently with the melody to create a welcoming and accessible introduction. On ‘Life’s Delight’, the beats take your focus in an instant, surging forward with a calculated sense of rhythm, while the instrumentals hit as smooth and melodic as ever, shining with soothing piano keys and a gentle ambience throughout. In ‘Take My Hand’, we’re treated to more space, steady beats and airy creative spaces washed in dreamy vocals and experimental tones. It’s a kaleidoscopic highlight on the tape and makes a powerful statement for both artists.

As the later half of the tape arrives, ‘Ashes’ is instantly ensnaring, bleeding with soul, funk, and hip-hop vibes that would make the Black Pumas proud. In ‘Yestersay’s Gift’, arguably the true highlight of the tape, Big O and Tranzformer revel in shifting sounds, emulating records being reversed and spun. At the same time, the producers create a joyous patchwork of melodic beats, audio snippets and clever creative choices. Along with the main beats, we’re also treated to some bonus tracks in the remix and instrumental versions of ‘Everyday’, and finally ‘Flashy Girls’, a powerhouse closing cut. Filled with different tones and sharper sounds, ‘Flashy Girls’ is slightly more chaotic, but no less impressive, stitching together sweeping vocals cut and flickering piano keys with an off-kilter melody and sprawling, jazz energy.

It’s clear that with the new beat tape, Tranzformer and Big O wanted to make something different, and in that, they’ve definitely succeeded. A tape that generates so much potential and showcases both producers' talents perfectly, ‘High Creative State’ is effortlessly cool and musically inspiring. You can stream the full album above via Spotify or support the artists directly through Bandcamp.

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