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Sadye - 'Biblical'

  • 2 min read

Released via vnclm_ and Atlantic Records, 'Biblical' marks Sadye’s musical debut, and an extremely promising one at that. Putting an edgy, angst-filled spin on the alt-pop genre, the musician weaves narratives centering life’s darkest moments tinged with hedonistic delirium. With a penchant for penning an earworm, Sadye lets these bleak themes ruminate over punchy, sultry instrumentals; proving that this rising star is a force to be reckoned with.

Within 'Biblical' Sadye has found herself stuck in a deeply troubling situation; the melody purveys a narrative of “going back to someone you know is bad for you over and over again,” Sadye shares. “Yes, I’m caught in this person’s web, but maybe I know exactly what I’m doing.”

Sadye not only finds herself retreating back into the embrace of the arms that had previously hurt her, but realizes that she enjoys it. Pain has become her new normal, and she is more than happy to give herself over to emotional purgatory, discovering unlikely solace in dysfunction and chaos.

The musician likens her experiences to those of an unwitting disciple who follows an idol blindly and without question, but with Sadye there’s a twist: she knows exactly what’s in store. Assuming a role akin to that of the betraying Judas, Sadye does not see herself as a victim; she’s fully aware of the games at play. Though, two can play at this game, she cunningly reveals that she, too, has a couple of tricks up her sleeve. After all, everything is fair in love and war.

As catchy as it is masochistic, 'Biblical' acts as a public service announcement of sorts, warning listeners of the dangers of falling back into toxic habits and relationships. Sadye adeptly walks listeners through the nuanced thought processes that come in tandem with unhealthy relationship dynamics, hoping that her lyrics will speak to those who are in need of a little wake-up call, and get them up on their feet dancing as well.

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