OR GOLAN – ‘Myself’

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An artist with over one million singles sold across seventy countries, features in Times Square and BBC Radio 1, and countless features, interviews, TV appearances, and radio plays, OR GOLAN is an artist well and truly in his prime. An experienced songwriter, composer, and producer who has been rapidly making a name for himself in the music industry, OR GOLAN has shared his latest titanic single, remarking on YouTube, “Soon, the first song in which I sing (without autotune), will be released worldwide. You know me as an international musician, I have prepared a surprise for you.”

Titled ‘Myself’, the new single sees OR GOLAN striking a more reflective and personal tone, delivering a slow-tempo song that forms through solitary notes and a hushed vocal sound. Musically, the track is a rough, yet emotive piece, stitched together through melancholy tones to create a raw, unpolished sound. It’s a song that takes some time to warm to, with its lo-fi, melodic charm and OR GOLAN’s hushed delivery.

Far less invigorating than some of his other releases, ‘Myself’ sees OR GOLAN stepping away from heavily production, offering a gentle track that’s true strength lies in the emotional weight. Lyrically, the impact of the track is amplified tenfold, with the artist delivering lines like “this is what you are, this is what I am”, and “You told me how to be, finally who I am [is] all the things you told me.”

Available now, exclusively via YouTube, ‘Myself’ is not the kind of track looking to copy the success and universal appeal of his breakthrough single ‘I Am Greedy’, but it is a single that speaks honestly to who the artist is, and for that, it deserves celebrating.

At only twenty-three years old, this multi-dimensional artist has amassed an impressive repertoire of over two hundred songs in his music career so far, earning a dedicated following from all over the world. A powerful creative talent OR GOLAN is solidifying himself as an artist to watch, pushing boundaries, and sharing more of himself with every new single.

For more from OR GOLAN, be sure to check out his social media pages below, or follow him together on Spotify and YouTube.

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