Salt Tree - 'Coming Home To You'

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Western Australian duo Salt Tree return with gorgeous new single, ‘Coming Home To You', and announce tour dates for May and June. Off the back of their successful debut EP release in 2022, indie-folk duo Salt Tree are picking things up again for 2023.

The single represents the songwriting dynamic between both Tom Boerema and Nathan Parsons beautifully; melodically rich, and full of warmth in tone and delivery, ‘Coming Home To You’ is a perfect way to remind long-time fans and newcomers alike of Salt Tree’s clear and present talent as storytellers.

Recorded in Margaret River in a shipping container, ‘Coming Home To You’ was produced and mixed by Boerema, adding to the clarity and precision of the song’s overall direction. Elevating each other in studio and generally as a duo, both Boerema and Parsons shine on this record as, lyrically, they navigate themes of home, nature and being at one with it all.

The band explained, “We both grew up close to the ocean and around nature, which has always been a huge part of our lives. As a kid, Nath would take any chance he got to surf, even if it meant skipping school. Tom spent a lot of time sailing, with his whole family living on a boat for months at a time.”

With the band members sharing a deep love for nature and the ocean, both themes that have been felt throughout their material to date, it’s not a complete surprise that their new music would feature this core interest as a prominent part of its DNA. But with ‘Coming Home To You’, Salt Tree take this road trip soundtrack-ready energy and amplify it, positioning the single as a surefire favourite on the live stage.

Ready to bring it to life as part of their live shows, Salt Tree have also announced a run of tour dates for May and June. Taking ‘Coming Home To You’ on the road around Australia, off the back of a touring jaunt in New Zealand, the duo are amped to deliver the music to more fans than ever before.

The connection Boerema and Parsons have with one another is a special one; though they come from different backgrounds, the threads that have kept them together are strong.

Both have experienced life lived out of the ordinary. Boerema, raised in regional South Australia, was brought to Margaret River in WA through work; having studied mechanical engineering. For Parsons, his path to adulthood was different; growing up in Newcastle’s government housing system, Parsons was able to see more of Australia through working various jobs around the country, while spending the rest of his time surfing and snowboarding.

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