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Stallion Dunquis - 'Sunday's Gone'

  • 1 min read

Stallion Dunquis, born Colin Christopher Keane is an independent musical artist based in Brooklyn who has garnered a rapidly growing social media following thanks to not only a pair of viral Spotify releases, but a distinct flair for mystery and metamorphosis.

Stallion’s latest release, 'Sunday’s Gone', is a stripped-down, piano-driven track with lyrical and emotional delicacy drawing comparisons to Tobias Jesso Jr. and John Lennon. Cut straight from the heart, the single is an expressive illustration of Stallion's ability to infuse each and every moment with heart.

About the song, Stallion has stated, “I wrote this one for someone experiencing a profound loss. Basically, the message is saying that it’s all okay - the sadness, the madness, the tears, the guilt. Just embrace it all today as best you can because there is happiness awaiting you tomorrow. I meant the song to feel like an arm around your shoulder.”

Having forged unique skills as a rock performer in the late 2010s on NYC’s indie circuit, Stallion spawned an entire album’s worth of independently produced SoundCloud singles at the end of the decade, giving birth to significant online buzz. Post-pandemic, Stallion has opted for quality over quantity, restricting his Spotify offerings to the gorgeous, underwater ballad 'Freeling' and the irresistible indie bop 'Demingo', while performing only periodically, though memorably, at a handful of New York City’s indie hot spots alongside his live band, The Dreams.

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