Sam Fender – ‘Get You Down’

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Sam Fender has recently released ‘Get You Down’, the latest single from his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Seventeen Going Under’. The North Shields BRIT Award Winner’s latest release, which follows the title track from his forthcoming album and recent single ‘Aye’, is a “heart-churning” stadium record that sees Fender tackle insecurity in relationships.

Speaking to NME backstage, Fender spoke candidly about the new single and his highly-anticipated new record, “The whole album is about insecurity and growing up. It’s about the insecurities you carry from being a kid, my feelings of abandonment and the self-loathing I’ve accumulated over the years, all while being a charismatic kid – a canny chanter, but sad.” He continued, “‘Get You Down’ is one of the first songs that looks at how that insecurity tore apart my relationships, and my last relationship in particular.”

Recorded back in 2019, Fender described the track as “a fucking absolute heart-churner”. However, he said his record label weren’t sure about it at first. “It was one of my favourites right from the start,” he explained. “But the label were going, ‘We think you might just be trying to write a single.’ Then by the time we recorded all of the songs for the album, Richard [O’Donovan of A&R at Polydor Records] turned around and said: ‘I was completely wrong. That song is absolutely incredible.'”

A soaring, pulsating taster to one of the most anticipated records of the year, ‘Get You Down’ lands with a stunning guitar intro that is perfect for festival stages. Adding to the weight of the piece, Fender adds his classic touching of homespun emotion with lines like “But tonight, tonight I’m gonna get you down / I catch myself in a mirror / See a pathetic little boy / Who’s come to get you down,” in the chorus, unleashing a wave of feelings that blend perfectly with the indie rock melody. Check it out below alongside a special edit and B-side cut ‘The Kitchen’.

Announced back in July, ‘Seventeen Going Under’ is set to be released on October 8 via Polydor Records. Fender explained how he feels about the album since he’s had plenty of time to reflect on its content.

“When I came to the end of making it, I listened to it and it’s the most proud I’ve been of anything that I’ve ever made,” he told NME. “I think this is my statement record.”

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