The Cosmic Vultures – ‘Sky Junky’

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A homegrown Boston band with an innate ability to fuse heavy funk and visceral rock, The Cosmic Vultures are one of the freshest psychedelic-rock bands around. Armed with a powerful and expansive sound that the band take absolute pride in, The Cosmic Vultures have become the very embodiment of rough-and-ready rock’n’roll.

After charting their course with the release of debut album ‘Mariana’ in 2018, the band have continued to impress fans and critics alike, delivering an unstoppable stream of releases that cultivated in the upcoming release of their third album, ‘In Circles’. To celebrate the new record, the band have been hard at work building momentum and spreading the word, including the release of their first official single from the album ‘Sky Junky’.

A bold release that has been circulating for a few weeks now, ‘Sky Junky’ is everything we’ve come to expect from The Cosmic Vultures and more, lashing out with a bold, psychedelic sound that hits as a perfect indication of what’s to come. Speaking openly about the new single, the band took to social media to announce the release of its official lyric video, remarking, “This song is very personal. The song lyrics deal with depression, daydreaming and isolation. We think a lot of people have been through a lot in these last few years and we hope this song can help provide some peace of mind.”

Released via Oak Honest Records, ‘Sky Junky’ sees the band exploring more mellow territories, moving away from the raucous sounds that made them and tuning in to a more mature, introspective style. Importantly, the funky rhythms and psychedelic sounds they’ve been known for are still present and as strong as ever, but it’s clear that the band have decided to focus more on their storytelling, taking lead from singer and acoustic-guitarist Derek Smith.

Adding more depth to the song, Derek further explained, “‘Sky Junky’ is an emotional piece for me. This one is about daydreaming. My head is in the clouds 75% of any given day. As humans, we want to be somewhere else or doing something else. I think it’s important that we allow ourselves to daydream and be creative.”

He continued, “This was me daydreaming of psychedelic imagery. This could be another addiction. Sometimes I can’t stop daydreaming about what or where I could be. Am I ok with my life? Can I do something to change it? Am I too lazy to get up and try? Is it easier to roll back over and just sleep?”

An album that has the potential to be their best yet, ‘In Circles’ will be released on the 21st of September this year.

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